February 07, 2007

Friday, February 7, 1975
my sister isn't going to school today because the st. Agnes people are having an antique show. before I got up I was dreaming that I was making things out of snow. our teachers have lately taken to giving us homework on the weekends.

today we are going to have a quiz Me and Horton

in science John horton passed me a paper that said: and now the national gallery of art presents: bugs. Horton had draw some bugs on it. I drew a ladybug, a slug, and ant, a bee, and a spider. today in english we were grading our papers and on one exercise everyone in out class got a perfect score.

today robert came over and we played around and lit some smoke bombs. we put one smoke bomb deep inside a hole we drilled in the snow fort.

me and robert played awhile and we got the idea that robert could spend the night. we found out we could. we planned to go out on the roof and spy on them. I just thought that we could throw some snowballs at jenny's window and watch her yell.

I have been watching tv. with robbie. this evening Timmy Wallace and Steven Smallwood came over and wanted to buy some smoke bombs. I sold him 8, Steven that is, and they went over to wallace's house to light them off. it turned out I had to buy them back from todd or steven. me and robert went with my dad to my dad's office. we found out that they were illegal so as soon as we got home we got rid of all our smoke bombs.