February 06, 2007

Thursday, February 6, 1975
today we are going on a field trip. or maybe not. no one knows whether or not.
Mr. Bedell just came in and said we aren't going. I am very disappointed and frustrated.
we are going to Chapel today.

I am glad I did my homework last night. some people are using the yard stick and the pointer to have a sort of swordfight up in the front of the room.
I am going to go down to wrestling either today or tomorrow.
yesterday jenny was looking at my sun calendar and said she never saw me change it. from now on I will be sure to never let her see me change it.
I have just been thinking, every second of every minute, of every hour of every day is unique, It will never happen again. I am doing rotten on my homework. I am sure I am going to fail.

I have noticed the people in our class are very active in between classes. I did good on my blue book.

we have been reading our basketball storys, the one I didn't do. peter katson was going to do a funny act but he wasn't really ready.

when I get to reading I feel good because we are doing SRA things and so far I have a perfect score.

this afternoon after I got home from school robert was hiding in our snow fort. he invited me over to eat dinner with him. we walked through the woods as we considered the hints to his birthday. one, his mother fixed what he wanted for dinner. second, she said they wouldn't have his birthday until his older sister came home from college on the 14th. we were pretty sure. when we got there we ate right away, it was delicious. me and robert went to take out the trash and when we tried to get back in the door was locked. evedentally, since they needed time to light the candles on the cake. when we got back in we found a very good-tasting cake on the table along with his presents. one of his presents was an electronic calculator. along with it came a joke:

40,000,000 Israilis fought 31,077,00 Arabs fought for 340 barrels of oil for 5 days.

the answer is 71077345 and the way the calculator writes it 71077345 if you turn it upside down it reads: SHELL OIL, a big company.
we played a few games of air hockey we each won a game. I have a lot of homework and very little time to do it in.

I have just finished my math homework. I may go to bed now. I am very tired.