February 10, 2007

Monday, February 10, 1975
last night I slept very well. I didn't wake up once all night. I

I think the new after school schedule on tv. is perfectly awful. it used to be pretty good. I think there ought to be more game shows for kids. if I got on one I'd probably clean them out. when I play along with the tv. I almost always beat them.
I think maybe the thing I got isn't the flu, just a 48 hour thing because I haven't had a fever all day. I am feeling much better than I did yesterday. I wonder if my mom will be mad when she finds out I didn't take my tylenol pills today.

when my sister gets sick she acts a lot different than I do when she gets sick. she plays the part of the poor, bored, jenny who needs coloring books, comic books, magazines, and whatever else she wants. she usually gets them too.
tonight I was very hungry. I got salad and cream of hamburger. I thought it was deliscious.
this evening on the new candid camera show they said that they accepted many Ideas for shows they do are sent in by people who watch. I think they should do a show on people who actually recognized allen funt when he was trying to film them.

this afternoon I helped my mom make a valentine box for another teacher's class. I made it like a robot all covered with aluminum foil.