February 09, 2007

Sunday, February 9, 1975
today I woke up at about 7:00. I felt better this morning. my fever was down. I have realized that there isn't much tv to watch tv on sundays. I have been watching tv. most of the day. right now I am watching a show called "superstars" where champion athletes are required to enter seven events. most of them have never done them before. (ex. a golfer would enter rowing, weight lifting etc. earlier today I had to take an aspirin, which I couldn't very well. my mom got real mad at me and I wasted almost ten pills before I got one down. now that it is down I feel much better than I did an hour ago.

now I am watching mannix on tv. I have been sitting in bed all day. this afternoon I helped my mother make a valentine's box for her classroom. not much has happened today. I hope I can get well before our field trip on wednesday.

I am going to bed now. I wish there could be someone home with me tomorrow. I have to do my homework tomorrow but I don't want to. someday they ought to make a video-tape recorder. you would turn it on to "record" and aim the movie camera. then you rewind and push the "play" button and listen and watch to a small television screen on the recorder. I would have one if they were made.