February 15, 2007

Saturday, February 15, 1975
I am pretty sure I now have strap throat. I have had a stuffed up nose today.

Most of today I stayed in bed watching TV. Just recently I have gotten dressed. I don't know why, but it may be because some company may come later after the party. I have finished all my homework. now my worries have turned to my book and geography reports for school. while I have been thinking of my geo. report, since it is on minerals and their uses, I remember the time I brought some of my rocks to school and I learned something, you can't impress any of the st. stephens school kids with basics, you have to really go all out.
my mom and dad are getting ready to go to the party. my dad is sometimes a party pooper; he says he doesn't really want to go. my dad was complaining about how he didn't have any friends around here. I told him if he wanted local friends, he would have to go out and make them, they wouldn't just come to him.
I have always wanted to travel and see the world. I am envious of some of the kids who have been to paris and london and they are younger than me, the only place I ever go, or ever can remember going is massachusetts.

right now I am at robert's house. we have been playing with paper airplanes, trying to float them on his air hockey's cusion of air.
before it got dark, me and robert went over to my house and decided to play a little practical joke. we decided to make it look like someone had come and ransacked the house. later we went and unransacked the house because my mm and dad might bring guests over. we decided we would do it some time when we are sure they won't have anyone with them. we went in our front yard, and whenever a car came by we would pretend we were breaking in.

me and robert were playing a game of chess when my dad knocked on the door. I was winning, but not by much. we had been playing hide and seek in the backyard. I like playing in the dark because you can hide in the shadows. once I got the bright Idea of just lying in the dry bed of one of the two false rivers in his back. they are able to turn them on or off by turning on or off the pump. it was a good place to hide because it put my whole body in a shadow robert spotted me and decided on a way to get me out. he went and turned on the river from a concealed switch. I had plenty of warning but it startled me all the same.
I think I am getting a cold, not strep throat.
I am glad because strep throat gives you a sore throat.