February 14, 2007

Friday, February 14, 1975 valentine's day
10:30 am
I am glad I didn't have to go to school today. I almost slept until 10:15 but I got up because I wanted to watch one of my favorite tv. shows.

I have done a substantial amount of homework since one o'clock. I have done my math, finished my spelling, and best of all I have finished one of those troublesome english storys. my dad will be very proud if I finish both my storys. I am now going to watch the flying nun now because it is one of my favorite shows.

When my sister came home she brought Debbie with her. Debbie is going to springfield estates school. she lives with her mother, her sister, and a brother whose name is stephen and used to be todd but he didn't like that name. Her mother is married, or used to be married and is divorced, I don't know which. Debbie has blond hair normal sized and has a pair of wire rimmed, granny shaped glasses she sometimes wears. her family cans a lot of food bakes their own bread, and in general lives as if they were in the country. I like their life style. their house is smaller than most and is separated from burwell street. they live on a small dirt road named georgia street that only has about four or five residents, it is a very potholy, lumpy, unpaved road it opens onto the main road, franconia. The smallwoods live on a small plot of land, which has a very big backyard, or it seems that way because of the small house. it was given to them, or that were told to live there by the mormon church who the land belongs to. the mormon church sold the land to developers to build on the smallwoods are moving away soon.

Going to dinner
tonight my sister is going to spend the night at debbie's house. and at my request we are going out to dinner.

at the ponderosa steak house I had a chopped steak sandwich and a salad. as I said before my sister is spending the night at debbies house. right now my mom and dad are in a big fight. my dad doesn't know whether or not to keep his office open. whenever he is under pressure to make a descion he gets mean and irritable.

I spent some time today rearranging my prized posessions in my box. tomorrow my mom and dad are going to a big party being given by the principle of the school my mom teaches at. I am going to roberts during that time
the spatters all over this page are because my dad just came in and said very snottily, ok. bill youre going to bed" and it makes me think he is pretty stupid not to know I'm not going to bed when I finish right now my blood is boiling, I'm so mad.
he made me ruin this page and get it all spotty.