February 13, 2007

Thursday, February 13, 1975
today I almost went to school but my parents changed their minds at the last minute. my sister is staying home too.

jenny has been a real pest all day.

I have been thinking of writing a book about what some reactions of people to children in public situations called the children's handbook. I would solve some problems that kids have like what to do if you wait at a counter for ten minutes while some grownups get served first. It would be fun making it. I am going to start now.
I am going to ask if we can eat out tonight. now that I am well I feel like going somewhere.
I have always been interested in tools and making things in colonial usa. I just thought I might take a course in it in college.

this evening I made a beautiful little house decorated with hearts and cutouts for mrs. smallwood because jenny is supposed to go to a big thing at the smallwoods for valentines day and she is bringing two decorations.
I am wondering if I will miss any valentine party or anything at school tomorrow because I am staying home. for some reason I can't get started on my homework storys for english. I wish he had never assigned them. I wish I had never gotten the flu.