February 19, 2007

Wednesday, February 19, 1975
this morning I got up and wouldn't get out of bed until almost 8:30 I think school is hopeless.
they aren't very fair. giving us seven pages of math, seven pages of english, five science questions, a two page composition, a book report that I haven't even read the book for, and I am behind a week in work. I just found out I didn't get the right assignment we only had two pages to do. I guess I sort of misjudged them.

today before the teacher came I very quickly did my homework. I finished it just before we started checking. we are talking about vaccines and immunity. I think I have some natural immunity against childhood diseases, I have never had mumps, chicken pox, measles, or any others.

today in english mr stone had a cap gun he had confiscated from some kid. we had a quiz and he shot a few people. after the quiz he asked us if we would like a chance to raise our grade I wanted to so we took another quiz, I got a perfect score on both of them.

*Bring B paper to school tomorrow, find pen for john H., and ruler too, and copy antarctic stamps.

on the following page are copys of the five stamps I drew for john horton. how do you like them? John Horton seems to like them.

#1 The sunday skier. skier trapped in a snowball. 20¢
#2 Arctic stork. stork carrying baby Air Mail 20¢
#3 The eskimo family. family outside igloo 20¢
#4 The great camoflage whale swimming, 20¢
#5 The Arctic Woody Commemorative, 10¢

I am writing my essay on the same picture of the arctic woody. I will put it in this journal later, when I finish. after four hours of work I finally finished all my math. It was a great relief to be finished. I am very tired and I want to finish up quick so I can go to bed.

I wish some fantasies would come true I wish I were like the six million dollar man, or there was such a thing as strength formula like in the movie "the strongest man in the world" I have always wished for some special power-