February 17, 2007

Monday, February 17, 1975
3:30 p.m.
today started out the same as yesterday, except at least I knew I would have something to do. I have just come back from the movie theater, where I saw " the strongest man in the world" the latest walt disney film. robert came with me and jenny. when we got to our seats we found some older kids there behind to harass us. luckily they quieted down.

this evening I watched candid camera, and a special two-hour edition of "the rookies". earlier I went with my mom, dad, and sister to the mall. we were looking for some polyester cloth for jenny's outfit. we went to three different places before we came to the sew and sew forth shop in the mall. we also went to the Wintex fabric shop on franconia road, where I fell in love with a remnant of jersey cloth in a magenta color.
I am glad we got today off from school. but it will be good to get back after missing a week.
one of my favorite pastimes is window shopping I love to just wander around the mall and go into any interesting store and browse around. I have noticed almost all of the bazaars, and import shops usually sell only cheap incense and no real imports or chinese handcrafts, or whatever.