February 16, 2007

Sunday, February 16, 1975
today I have been watching tv. sunday is the day when there isn't anything to do. I may call robert out of desperation.

I have been watching tv. all day. this afternoon I watched a war movie about D day called "the longest day. it was a lot better than "oliver" which I saw tonight. I have both of them already but the war picture was more interesting.
I have been bored all day. I wish I had something to do. there has been a lot of yelling for the past few days because of my dad's pressing descion. he always manages to disrupt our family. my sister isn't really helping very much either, causing trouble right and left and whining and crying all over the place my sister usually complicates all our arguments my sister really bugs me sometimes.
one nice thing happened tonight, my sister and my dad brought me some candy, probably my dad's idea.
I just found out my sister is really going out and getting her skating suit made. tomorrow my mother and her are going to go and buy material because tomorrow is washington's birthday with all it's sales.
I wish my dad would either close his office or keep it open so that all the turmoil in the family would cool down.