February 18, 2007

Tuesday, February 18, 1975
when I came to school today everyone was glad to see me. I am now taking notes on all the dynasties of China.

today at athletics we played a little basketball because today is our last day of practice. I am not very good at shooting, but I am pretty good at catching the ball before the others can get it because I am taller than most people. today I found out that george hesse thinks the same thing I do about some people in our class. I had a good lunch and I sat with john horton and john leiner said he missed me at the end of the table. today in math we got something like seven pages of homework to do and now in english we have seven pages-except it is due thursday, and a two page composition on top of a geo. report and a poster book report.

just now I have made a descion to start to use other notebooks besides this one, because I can't carry this one everywhere I go. I am going to walk around with a smaller one and report back to this one from it. I forgot much of what I see during the day. I will still bring this to school and places where I know what I will do. I will take it to school and use it at home but I will bring the small one shopping on field trips, playing, etc. . today my mom brought home the valentine robot box I made for the second graders. here is a drawing of it. I had to paint the egg cartons with my acrylic paints because we didn't know how to paper them. one difference is that on the real one the sign is correctly balanced and all the words fit on right.

7:00 at mc donalds
I am in our car at mc Donalds. first we went over to drug fair, then we went to the grocery store for the party snacks and ice. we also got lemonade and one was as hard as a rock because it had gotten wet. we went to mc Donalds for dinner and me and jenny got captain crook hats.

8:30 all the ladys are here now. it is amazing how silly they can be. they also make a lot of noise and laugh falsely, which I hate. I enjoy having guests over.

this evening my dad and I have been yelling. he hurt my arms by grabbing me and I threw a shoe at him. I don't have any other defense against him.