February 21, 2007

Friday, February 21, 1975
today in geo. we had a test. I did better than I expected, but I still didn't do very well.

Mr. Stone is in a bad mood. He gave us a lecture on how he didn't like people writing writing on the board.
I love it when people ask me to draw something for him. most people don't like me but there is no question as to who draws best in this class. this morning John Metcalf came to me and asked me to copy a picture of a basketball player for him.
I have just enlarged my pictures for my story.
I just read my story and I couldn't stop laughing.

Study hall
I just found out that next wednesday is no-dress day. if you pay 50ยข you can come dressed in anything you want. the money is going for the lab and the library. It reminds me of when I was in public school we had a thing called hobo day, where you dressed the worst you possibly could, for free. they changed it to storybook day the next year and I dressed as alexander graham bell, my mom who is a teacher dressed as wee willie winkie, in a pair of flannel snowflake pajamas. one of my friends dressed as dracula, eyebrow pencil, slicked down hair, a specially made, cardboard collared cape. and plastic fangs. on that day we have lunch outside, and then all sorts of events, all put together to make the best day of the school year.

well this evening I didn't go to fun night. I wanted to watch all of the tv. shows that were on. My mom must be very tired on friday evenings she half slept through the jacques Cousteau special and all through a whole half hour show. Tonight Debbie is spending the night at our house. we have been watching superman on tv.
We also played a few rounds of jacks. I am better than either one of them and I may practice some tonight.
This evening I took apart one of my walkie-talkies and got the aerial out of it. I have been playing with it all evening.
I have done a bunch of other things this evening, I took one of my model spaceships off the science room ceiling and have been playing with it, I have made a food color picture of the setting sun on the ocean this afternoon.
I found out I have more money in the bank than jenny does. mostly from the money I put in since I opened it.