February 20, 2007

Thursday, February 20, 1975
today I just barely got in on time. I can't really be blamed because I had to stay up late doing my math.
well, I hope we don't get much homework because I have to do a poster and finish my composition. if I get math I may just forget it and do my special assignments.

in chapel
today after chapel some person, probably a teacher, is talking to us about how seven boys have been expelled for selling some drugs and for stealing some money from the locker room. my dad will want to hear about this.

in the gym
the gym is a big airy place. noises echo well so our school often uses it for presentations and assemblys. I am sitting on top of the closed bleachers. you get a nice view from up here. I have leisure time to write because our team isn't playing today.

today we took our second test and I got a 95% on it. I am lucky I got that because I knew most of it. I guessed on one or two of them.

here are my two latest and best woody stamps. One is the new second edition arctic woody commemorative for 1975. the other is a portrait of the desert woody.

this evening I just finished my second good copy of my english essay. I finished my poster for reading first and I think it is beautiful. I did it on the silent world by J.Y. Cousteau and Frederic Dumas. I made it very colorful and made all the words fit right in just right. I also made up this fantastic summary:

Explore the wonders
of the undersea world
as captain Cousteau and
his men dive into exiting

I put it on a rock being carried like a sign by a shark cruising in the picture.
my mom just came home and I can't wait to show her my poster.
this evening I made two more special stamps, or if you look at it a different way five stamps because one as a four stamp thing that goes together to form a whole picture it is about the Bicentennial Era and the other one is of the eastern cardinal.
I think I am getting writer's cramp.
not much else has happened this evening.
I am glad I have those two burdens off my shoulders. now all I have to do is my geo. report on minerals. I am not sure how I am going to organize it.