February 28, 2007

Friday, February 28, 1975
I have been watching all day, pretty boring.

I have been watching tv since 2:00 there are an awful lot of good shows on during the day that you would usually never get to watch because of school.
yesterday I went to the basketball tournament. I bought a nice, big, green beanbag frog at the boutique. I am going back today. they have a book sale, and all kinds of baked goods on sale. the whole reason this is, is for the 19th annual st. stephen's invitational basketball tournament. the games are pretty boring. maybe the things there would be cheaper because no one buys them.

6:30 at the tournament
I have been at the tournament for a few hours. I have been going around with robert bodner. we have been rummaging around in some boxes of old books.
I didn't buy a ticket to get into the basketball games. in the boxes, robert found an old budget book, dated 1914 we found out a lot about the owner. I got a 1918 Physics and chemistry handbook. I also bought a clam, and a hand carved pin.

not much has happened since I got home, I watched tv and am about to go to bed.
this evening my mom and me decided on name for my frog: Oglethorp Frederic Frog, "Oggie" for short.