February 27, 2007

Thursday, February 27, 1975
today I had a hard time getting out of bed. I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open. I was 15 minutes late for school today.

in the gym
today I have to write a story about the basketball tournament. I am going to write it now.
It was the first time I had ever been to the tournament. as the people milled around me, I thought how good the refreshments would taste.
It was a bright, breezy day, with just a hint or two of winter in the air.
I almost didn't come to the tournament but one of my friends convinced me to come with him. I moved through the crowd toward the ticket office. I hadn't gotten any passes of tickets ahead of time and I planned to buy them on the spot, even though they cost more. I always seem to be misinformed on these things, I never know when or where these things take place. for this reason I have missed quite a few of them.
I found myself a comfortable seat in the bleachers, and watched the game. It was a tough battle between st. stephen's and the other team, whoever they were, in green uniforms. I told you I'm never told anything until it's too late.
I left the game and went to the cafeteria, ate a hot dog, and went home.

Most of this story is true, all except the parts telling what I did at the tournament.