February 25, 2007

Tuesday, February 25, 1975
4:00 a.m.
just now I woke up from what sounded like a hurricane at my window. the wind was really whipping around the trees. I hope no tree blows over.

I wish I didn't have to do my geo. report

today I tried my panda on a string everything thinks it's neat, everyone in the panda brigade that is. us panda brigaders are going to get our own buttons made for us. we will have a panda's head in the middle and under the bottom we would write The Panda Brigade and over the top in big letters it would say PANDA POWER! we would put them on. science class is pretty interesting, we are talking about the digestive system.

Study Hall with mr. marlin
today in english I decided I would enter the science fair. I don't know what my project is going to be, and I may not enter because I already have a report to do. I think I may try to show my theory on light and how it works.
first of all I would need a very thin beam of light, I might want to rent a dychroscope from someplace. I have pictures of a beautiful display cabinet, a few buttons and a window opening into a dark chamber lined with black velvet, suddenly as you pressed the button a beam of light shoots across and hits different colored targets. you press more buttons then a miniature laser ray comes along and while all of this is happening you are reading the explanation of all the phases in a thick research notebook which is lying there. I would win first prize and get a science scholarship.

today mr. stone made an error in one of his tests. he put "persons" instead of people on one of the sentences. he tryed to hide it and finally told us to correct it.

today when I came home my mom took me and my sister shopping at drug fair, where the semi-annual 1ยข sale was going on. I bought a crazy pad, a jar of epsom salts, posterboard, and a set of magic marker liquid crayons. I used the epsom salts this evening for a science experiment. if you dissolve some in water, and then rub a piece of glass with a wet rag full of the water with dissolved epsom salts and in a few hours, or really about half an hour the glass will be frosted with beautiful, needlelike, fibrous crystals.

on the news I just heard of a new sport some people invented. you take a snowmobile and get a good running start and skim over the surface of the nearby potomac river.
I am about to go to bed.
this evening I helped my sister make a poster for school. it is for her skit on the life of Steven Foster, the composer.
she didn't like a few of the colors I chose but I finally convinced her the colors I chose were all for the best.
I finally finished it. and she and my mom were very pleased and liked it a lot.
I made two more panda brigade buttons for our club.