February 24, 2007

Monday, February 24, 1975
Geo. Class
today I had a hard time getting up for school. It was still dark outside. I just barely got in on time. I haven't had any breakfast. I know I did awful on my geo. notebook and test I may flunk out of geo., all because I missed a week of school.

just now I got my math test back. the one I did on friday. I did pretty well, I got an 86%, at least it is an improvement from my last test grade. From now on I have decided to let what I write end whenever it happens to.
today in geo. class Jon Horton gave me a small panda made of plastic. he probably got it at the washington zoo. I thanked him.

today I showed mr. stone this book and all I've written in it. I think he is really proud of me. Mr. Stone likes it. he says he may grade it later. today we got to switch desks and I got a desk near the wall. right near Jon Horton.

today when I got home from school I did my homework in math.

I am still thinking about mr. stone's reaction to my journal. I don't know whether to let him look over it or not. one thing is for sure, he can't have it overnight, because I will miss a day. so far I have not missed a day since I started.

this evening I took the panda Jon Horton gave me and put it on a gold string around my neck and a small loop of string on the panda. when I want a necklace, I hitch the two loops together with the ring, otherwise I clip the ring onto the panda's loop and onto my belt loop and put away the neck string. here is an illustration:

I forgot to mention that me, George Hesse, Jon Horton, and Billy Bavin have formed a club called the panda brigade. we are the only four members. george is the only one who doesn't have a panda, but Jon Horton is going to bring him one tomorrow. Jon is maybe also going to bring some panda buttons for us.
I think I am getting used to the new time schedule. I am a little right now. I am about to go to bed.
this evening I watched some tv. and in general fitted everything I had to do and wanted to do pretty well.