February 26, 2007

Wednesday, February 26, 1975
Geo. Class
when I came to school I remembered what today was.
it's no dress day. I wore a coat and tie, but I'm not the oddball because there are quite a few other people who aren't going to pay 50ยข for some still strict dress code for one day.

in the gym
I am getting hungry, I didn't have any breakfast today. just a little while ago. I saw some people flying paper airplanes. that's pretty risky because you could get a lot of demerits that way.
Of all my teachers, mr. lichfuss is the meanest. most everybody doesn't like him as much as out other teachers.
Mr. thompson our science teacher is nice and can take a joke now and then, but the kids don't fool with him as much as the other teachers.

today english class seems it is going to turn out interesting. when we started, the first thing mr. stone did was ask the question, " Do you like coming to school?" we got the usual boring responses. today is no dress day, so we are having a free english period to do whatever we want.
I have decided that I am going to go to the basketball tournament. not to see basketball, because I think it is boring. I can see a picture in my mind now the sounds of summer all around, a lawn mower the sweet smell in the warm air with a slight cooling breeze. I love summer, walking in the woods, long 4th of july parties, stretching into the night till ten or eleven o'clock when he finally

today for the first time in weeks robert came over to play. he called on the phone and asked if I would like to play. I asked him how his flu was and he said he was better, but he was saving just enough germs to give me back the flu.
we played a game of ping-pong but we never finished. we saw my sister trying to fly my kite with timmy wallace, who had another kite. timmy gave his kite to John Robertson who was on his bike. the kite got tangled up in the power lines. we tried everything for half an hour from our bare hands to a rake. we finally gave up and threw rocks at it. I threw a stick at it and robert was reaching for it with a pole. my thing seemed more effective to robert and he wanted to trade I traded with him and had immediate sucess. I whalloped the kite and splintered it tin two.
Today my mom brought me the chalk she had promised. she bought me a stick of every color they had. I drew a good bowl of fruit. she also brought me two paper egg shapes. the kids at Springfield Estates school are going to draw designs on them they are going to be put up in the mall. I went to the library and found a very good book full of pennsylvania dutch designs. I am making my eggs in that style because the designs are beautifully simple. while I was there I also renewed my library card.