March 02, 2007

Sunday, March 2, 1975
today I woke up at about 9:00 since then I have drawn another easter egg, this one for mr. bedell. Me and my sister went to fly our kites at the schoolyard. it turned out to be too windy and cold. I did have something to look forward to; we are having a big sunday dinner.
Lately today my sister become a real brat. I keep telling her not to sing because it bothers me when I try to read. right now I am on the edge of breaking her neck, I'm so irritated.

today I have made two more eggs. one is for mr. Bedell, and the other for Mrs. Price, our reading teacher. I still have three more undecorated eggs yet to decorate.
I have seen some ads for a pocket dictating machine. I may get one if they don't cost too much.
not much has happened today. I just can't seem to get started on my geography report. I have been thinking that I could have picked a better subject.
Today I, and the rest of my family, have been on edge and very touchy. there has been a lot of arguing about all kinds of little things.

I have been watching tv. this evening and I am about to go to bed.
Have you noticed how I don't write very much on weekends? It's because there's nothing to write about.