March 01, 2007

Saturday, March 1, 1975
today robert came over, we tried to fly my kite but the wind kept dying on us.
we used the siphon tubes and blew some fish with them. while we were flying the kite we noticed some people playing baseball. It is neat how, if you are some distance away, you can see the ball being hit before you hear it.

me and robert went over to kiddie kollege and met a friend of robert's named eric leutanin, after that robert acted a little different to me, I know why, because sometimes you act a little different with different friends, and when when two of your friends come and play with you, you have to make a compromise.
I have started making some easter eggs, even though easter is a long way off. I am hand drawing on them with magic marker. so far I have made a beautiful one with a tree on one side.
I am pretty tired after playing all day and it feels good to sit down.

tonight I have decided that I am going to draw an easter egg for each of my teachers, except mr. lichfuss. I have already made one for mr. stone. it has a beautiful, jazzy, sun design on the back. I am going to make a few dozen by easter and sell the ones that aren't especially made to give someone. I make nice things.
I have learned, the two best gifts you can give someone is either something practical, or something you made for them yourself, or both.