March 04, 2007

Tuesday, March 4, 1975

lately I have noticed how many of our questions they give us in our small, blue science workbook aren't even discussed in the chapter you are supposed to read. I think you have to guess half of them by using your own judgement. even because of this I will probably get most of them right anyway because I have read some on physiology
I think I should be moved into the next higher color in sra in reading class. I am one of the best readers there and I can easily go to work in a higher color. I don't think mrs. price realizes it.

today we are working on our magazine. I am a cover designer along with Win Vining.

today in english I found out Win Vining takes over everything on the cover I hardly get to do anything.
anyway I did draw two illustrations; one for John Beebe, of an airsick, green blob and one for Billy Bavin of a man showing a bug in his soup to the waitor. that isn't much to do so I have now become an official proofreader. tonight I must find something to turn in the way of writing. or else I must write some stuff.

this afternoon robert came over to my house and we decided to go and fly my kite. we had been flying it for almost half an hour when we saw the woods fire. it was sending up clouds of smoke from all the leaves it was burning. we instantly wondered if anyone had called the Fire Department. robert and I dropped what we were doing, (namely the kite) and ran over to investigate. we found no one there. just at that moment a lady was driving in her driveway. we yelled at her to call the Fire Department. In a few moments she came out of the house and hurridly unlocked her backyard shed and gave us some shovels.
we ran toward the fire and started beating the rising flames. by this time the fire had spread until it was burning up a thirty foot square of dried leaves, piled a foot thick.
we plunged into the billowing smoke which made us cough and choke and stamped out the flames and started digging a fireline to contain the fire. slowly the fire was beaten out, buried and hosed down, by this time half of the soccer team which was playing in the field we were fling our kite in was helping with whatever they had, sticks, rakes shovels, or just their feet. In about five minutes all that was left of the fire was smoking charcoal, just then the small jeep they send out to check small fires gallantly drove up. everyone all at once told them, "sorry you missed the fire". the firemen left as quickly as they came after hosing down the spot, well they had to do something to keep up their image.
Afterwards, everyone felt a sense of triumph, at the beginning when we first started, It looked hopeless to put out the fire. then all of a sudden the smoke cleared on smoldering ashes. WMD
This story is true. all of it, even the tiniest detail.
I put it in story form so I could recopy it and turn it in for english, for the literary magazine. I wonder if anyone will believe that it really happened.
some things I didn’t include in the story:
1. I think the firemen felt pretty embarrased.
2. I am very proud, and I think me and robbie put out quite a lot of the fire.
3. My mom thinks I'm a hero and made me spaghetti for supper
4. my kite was stolen while I was fighting the fire.
5. I't was really kind of fun and not as serious as it sounds in writing.
6. I got some very minor burns and I have had a hot face ever since.
7. me and robert had had other experience fighting fires. we accidentally spilled a small amount of gasoline on our lawn and it caught fire. ever since that I have been cured of playing with matches.
The greatest problem of fighting it was the smoke blinding you. I tried to make a few jokes but it turned out either this wasn't as new to some of them as it was to me, or else they just didn't happen to have a sense of humor and didn't really think it was a crisis or a big deal.