March 05, 2007

Wednesday, March 5, 1975

today I found out we are going to stay in this room for the standard acheivement tests.
I have just finished my first test out of the booklet.
I finished in plenty of time.

today I am sure everyone was glad when we finally got out of the room after what seemed like hours of tests. I had a good lunch and we had a wild game of tag during recess. for the whole day we are staying in the same room so I don't really have any classes to write.
well the worst part of the tests is over for me-math. I didn't finish my math computations by any stretch of the imagination. I'm just slow at multiplication, and division. just now during our break I found out the bathroom partition is gone.

today when I got home from school robert came over with Eric Leutanin and we played around. since my dad wasn't home we opened my window and went out onto the roof. we went and found a whole bunch of moths or butterfly cocoons. I have a whole box of them right now. I had better look up their name so I know what they are before they come out. I just found out they are called bagworms and are destructive. I had better get rid of them and kill the ones still on the bush.

this evening I have watched some tv. shows my mom went shopping and brought home a whole bunch of food. we were running low. I had better make a few more eggs before spring vacation.
today just before study hall, mr. lichtfuss took us outside onto the field, since we had been cooped up in a schoolroom since the beginning of the day. I spent most of my time out there on the lookout, so I wouldn't be tripped, pushed, or jumped on. Everyone had a whole lot of energy to burn off.
I am always amazed at the body, I think of it as a complex machine, fueled by a varsity of things, from a hot dog, to a gourmet meal. all controled by the brain. I have found it really helps when you want to run your absolute fastest, if you think of your body as a complex machine.