March 06, 2007

Thursday, March 6, 1975

today we are finishing up our last three tests out of our booklet, social studies concepts, social studies skills, and science.
today we went to chapel, a welcome break the monotony of test taking. I am glad we only have one more. and it's my favorite subject-science. some of the questions on the test are unanswerable with the info. they give you.

After lunch
today at athletics I lost my new no-nonsense pen. the one I usually write with in this journal
I am going to have to use my old one instead.

Lately I think [name deleted] has had some trouble at home. he is worried and seems under the weather. he asked me what I wrote in my journal and I read him some harmless stuff. he believed me. he is anxious to get approval from other people. he has decided to start a journal of his own.

On the way to the vet's
today robert came over and we decided to go and destroy the robertson's bagworms. while we were there we saw timmy wallace chasing a bird with a broken wing. we maneuvered it into a shoebox and went to the vet's which were closed. The bird will have to spend the night. right now I am waiting for the animal rescue league.

the bird is in his shoebox now and the animal rescue league hasn't come yet. I am worried about what will happen tomorrow when everyone is gone.