March 14, 2007

Friday, March 14, 1975
today at lunch I accidentally dropped my no nonsense pen. it bent one of the prongs, and it didn't work. lucily I got into science and I was able to fix it.
today I brought my sketch pad to school. I am drawing a thing I call "junk heap". It started out as a doodle, last night.

today in reading we had mrs. Erkhart again. nobody really likes her. I am glad I found out I don't have to have my page in the paper until monday.
when I got home I had part of a bowl of coffee ice cream, and I asked my dad if I could go and get a new no-nonsense pen. we found a place that had them and went and got four pens. a blue one for Jon Horton, a snazzy orange one for jenny, and a white, and a brown for me. I am writing this with the white pen.

this evening me and my sisiter were playing with a bean bag in the basement. I was throwing it so it just missed her. I accidentally hit her and she, like the brat she is, wouldn't give it back. I pounded her and finally my dad called me upstairs. my sister came up a little later crying about how I was mean, and threw a bean bag at her and hurt her badly. of vourse, she won, she always wins. my dad is allways on her side.
right now I am watching "Baretta" on tv. it's a typical police show.