March 09, 2007

Sunday, March 9, 1975

right now I am at robert's house, listening in on a meeting of some group or another from their church. I am in plain sight, and you should see some of the looks on the people's faces. there are two men who know I'm looking but they don't care. All the rest are women, three don't know I'm here, and of the other two, one is very fat, and probably thinks I am writing all about her. they all look like they have "Housewives bulge." except roberts mother. two of them have gray hair and are old fuddy-duddies. on the way out through the garage and I said it aloud, a window was open, and I think they heard me.
I am spying on donny bright and his big brother, they are playing basketball. donny hardly ever comes out.
8:00 I am still writing my report. today I really got a good look at how robert takes advantage of me and bosses me around. I love the way my dad's electric typewriter works, it prints so neatly. It really looks professional.
My sister is trying to write a book report and is doing awfully. she always makes things hard for herself.
I have finished my report. lately our household has been in a state of turmoil from my dad moving into the house with his office. I have to find my story for the newspaper or else I will get an "F" on the magazine. I am going to make a collection of all my writing.