March 10, 2007

Monday, March 10, 1975

Geo. class
Woody's Clever Plot
today we have a substitute because Mr. Bedell was sick, or so the substitute said. today was the day we are supposed to hand in our reports.
Do you see his scheme?
He has left because now he won't have to argue with people with unfinished reports. their argument rests on the fact they can con woody, but a substitute shows up and they don't have a leg to stand on.

Science class
today at lunch I made a list of my four main customers for potato chips. Brian Freedman, age 10, Weight 79, Max Ramsey, age 12, weight 80, Nelson bontner, age 12, weight ? and George William Bavin, age 12, weight 93, I have noticed that some of the people who seem pretty dumb are too young, as is brian freedman who is ten, and the other kids are eleven or twelve.

this evening Laura Wallace came over to baby sit jenny. not much has happened lately, and I am not writing much.
today in english class mr. stone did something that made me mad. he assigned everyone two pages in the literary magazine, and each of us have to collect stories, poems and other things and have your pages copied. I think he has just wrecked our whole magazine by doing this.
now everything is very disorganized. I am going to write a letter to the editor in the newspaper.