March 12, 2007

Wednesday, March 12, 1975

today, again, I didn't have time to give the bird his medicine. today I am getting my report back. I am sure I got a very good grade, or a fair grade, or a poor one, because he was about to say something to me but he got sidetracked.
I have been handed my report and I am very proud. I got a 95 on it. mr. Bedell gave me that grade only after he was sure I knew what all the words mean. he said he knew most of the words but he had to go to a dictionary for some of it.

today I lost this journal. right now I am copying from my small notebook. I think someone stole it.
I think it was steve rail. if I catch him with it I'll kill him.

I hope I find my notebook before today is over. It isn't really the notebook, its all the notes in it that are valuable, if I don't get it back I will have lost irreplaceable notes.

Study Hall
today at the beginning of english and reading, everyone switched seats and coats, and in some cases, glasses, to play a joke on mr. stone and Mrs. Price. while we were waiting, mr. Bedell came in and we convinced him to help us. he sat in the back row and when mr. stone came in we had a good laugh.

today at about reading class I began to feel helpless as to finding my journal. this evening I still don't have it. I am beginning to feel a little better because I have logically convinced myself it is just lost: I figure that if I had it in geo, no one could have taken it. and it is impossible to take it changing classes, and only someone in my class could have taken it while we were in math class. most of the people in my class wouldn't do a thing like that, but I am counting on a shaky factor in my favor, human nature. so at least for the moment I have calmed down about it.