March 11, 2007

Tuesday, March 11, 1975

now I am absolutely sure about woody's scheme. he is, today, in school. this morning.
right now I am in our school cafeteria. we are going to see a filmstrip on something or other. we are doing this instead of study hall. today in english I have about half-finished one of my pages, I wrote a three frame comic strip, and I have three more due for the entertainment section. this movie is a big mystery to every-body, but we just found out what it was about.
right now I am sitting in the barber shop.
I have already had my hair cut and am waiting for my dad. today when I got home from school I read my sister's mad magazine she got because she was sick.
this barbershop is a classic example of a small business trying to assert itself. all it used to be was a plain room, now they have put in two petitions, a fancy clock, new modern-style chairs, piped in music, and fancy curtains in the window. this business is run by a single family two generations, with a third toddling around the shop.

formulated thought
1. this evening I watched "the Killer Bees" it was good.
in the movie we saw today, which was about endangered species, it had one thing different from most wildlife conservation movies in the fact that they actually showed the merciless killing, in stark reality, the way it really is, and showing you how gruesome it is.

formulated thoughts
I have noticed how small towns, just like the small barbershop, are closely knit, and always are trying to show up big cities, by going modern. usually they never realize until it's too late, how good they had it as a small, obscure town noone had ever heard of.