March 13, 2007

Thursday, March 13, 1975
Before School
today I got up at 7:15, much earlier than usual. I guess its because I hope my journal is in the lost and found.

today when I got to school I checked the lost and found, my journal wasn't there. I got to the classroom, and to my great releif, my journal was in a desk beside me.

today in math class we had a test. for an extra credit question he asked us how many tiles are on the floor. I counted 26 on one side and 27 1/2 on the other. my answer came out 715. I hope I'm right.

today we have mrs. Erkhart for reading. she is pretty old and is very strict. she always tells about when she was young. she substitutes for mrs. Price a lot when Price is sick.

I wish my mother wouldn't go run around almost every evening. a few weeks ago she was out every evening. this evening I have to write my page in the literary magazine. so far I have absolute zilch to write on it.

11:00 I am drawing a great doodle.