March 15, 2007

Saturday, March 15, 1975
I just got up and found this book open. my pen was inside like I had just been writing, I must have left it last night.

at about 9:00 when my mom got up, she came out into the living room and we had a talk. during this talk I found out she was worried about me. then my dad came out and spoiled it, he always does sometimes I really think he's stupid.
today I watched tv. and had a dilicious breakfast of toast, bacon, two eggs, and a glass of milk.
today my dad and I decided to go out and find my egg in the mall, return some library books, and get a model to build. first we went to the library where I waited in the car. then we went to the springfield hobby shop. I think it is going out of buisness. the manager is a very nice guy, but he isn't much of a buisnessman. we forgot all about the mall, well, while we were at the hobby shop we didn't accomplish anything. we went to the bradlick hobby shop and promptly bought two lovely airplane models. one of a tigercat, and one of a Boeing C-17, for my dad. when we got home I started on the tigercat, and while I was working, robert called. I asked him over, which is always how it works, he calls I ask him over, (we both know there's nothing to do at his house), when he came over I was just finishing up my plane. we played. we tried an interesting experiment in our pond, we wanted to know if salt would kill algae.
right now my dad is working on the C-17.
my dad got me some pills for what I've got, and I am having a hard time swallowing them.

I have noticed how the evening hours go by faster than during the day. it only seems like an hour or so since I last wrote.

this evening I was very interested with all the moving parts on the C-17. it has revolving turrets, the flaps, rudder, and elevators all move, it has retractable landing gear, and a bombay hinged door, which won't work because my dad glued it wrong.
I think I will have some vicks on my chest tonight, it really makes you feel better.
this evening I finally, after ten minutes of trying, got a pill down my throat. after all that, I felt kind of proud to get it down.
today I picked out my whole outfit for monday, which is st. Patrick's day, I have green pants, a green shirt, green tie, my green plaid jacket, and the only thing that won't be green is my shoes and belt.

not much else has happened today. I watched tv. most of the time. carol burnett was funny, and even more peculiar, she was on at the right time, and so were all the other shows. that hardly ever happens, something is usually preempted.