March 17, 2007

Monday, March 17, 1975

today mr. Bedell is handing out some weird homework. we are supposed to watch a half hour to an hour of tv. and commercials critically and try to find gimmicks and flaws.

today in science we had a practice exercise in memorizing the bones.
today I was excused from athletics and didn't do much.

right now I am in the doctor's office. I wish my dad had made our appointment at 4:00 or later, because I don't like going straight from school somewhere. my dad is very impatient but he never gives himself time to do anything or have any spare time.
this evening me and my sister are going to the bowling alley, I can't wait.

I found out when I got home, robert was already there and he, my mother, and laura wallace had given the bird his medicine and changed his papers. Laura came over and said she could baby sit, so there goes our trip to the bowling alley.
I had three helpings of cereal for dinner, and two bowls of soup for lunch.
today my sister finally got our three boards hinged together home. It has been a long time. at the doctors I found out I had an ear infection and have to finish my whole bottle of pills.

today not much has happened since I last wrote. my mind is a blank and I am frustrated. I wish I had something to do. I have the idea I would like to have a picture journal as a supplement. but I can't figure out exactly how to arrange it. I think I had better be content with this journal or I will burn to a frazzle trying to set up a picture journal or something else. I feel pretty down. I am going to read to ease my anxiety as I always do. that is one good thing, I can always hide in a book from reality and depression.