March 18, 2007

Tuesday, March 18, 1975
this morning I didn't want to getup and go to school. my dad said it was the dose of medicine I am taking. I have been sleepy all morning. I didn't want to go to school today. I am mad at my dad for making me go and I have a book report due that I haven't even started yet. this morning I pretended to take my pill, but I really didn't.

today at athletics no one who was in basketball played, we watched all-star wrestling.
It was boring
we are still on bones. It is kind of fun knowing the bones. you say to your neighbor, "I'm going to smash your inferior maxillary" which in slang means the jawbone. science is one of our more interesting and fun classes.

today when I got home from school I got my dad to take me and jenny to the model masters hobby shop, where I found the model I wanted and decided not to get it. I got interested in accumulating my own chemistry set. I recognized it as a passing whim and left the shop with nothing.
today my mom brought home some books. they were school books and brand new. she told me that fairfax county was just going to throw them away, but were giving teachers a chance to take as much as that want for twenty minutes on a first come, first served basis.
this evening my mom is going out to play bridge. I begged her to stay home but she went anyway. now it is almost eight and I am already tired from the medecine.
today my dad made it a positive fact we are going to massachusetts! I am very excited about it.

my mom should be coming home soon, and I can't figure out why I'm not tired.
I am pretty lonely, my dad is asleep and my sister is doing her homework.
this evening I have finally found something to use my big five subject notebook for; a science notebook. I'm keeping all my experiments in it and I can't really figure out how I am going to have three notebooks for different things. I don't really want to put a lid on what I can write in here. this will still be my general notebook for all my personal thoughts and I hope it will always be. this journal is always kind of cosy to sit and write in, like a good friend. I suppose I'll be needing a friend, since Davey moved out and robert is going to move out, and the chances of someone who is nice moving into his house are slim.
I have partly justified my science notebook by telling myself it's my hobby, which it is, and that a whole lot of other people use up a lot more space for their hobbys. my real hobbies are drawing and writing.

This evening I have been reading some of a textbook my mom brought from school, it really makes a difference in how enjoyable it is, when the difference is between when you read it by choice, or whether you have to read it. It seems very dry and boring when it is assigned, but it comes alive when you read it for enjoyment.