March 25, 2007

Tuesday, March 25, 1975

this morning I got up around 9:00. I am working on a placemat in crochet for mother's day, and I worked on it some this morning. nana called the museum and we found out that the planetarium wouldn't be open until april because they were bringing it up to date.
at first I thought we were going to the museum today, but as it turned out, I'm not going anywhere because I've got a bug. this morning I had my dose of awful liquid medecine and I started feeling nauseus a little while ago.
today we went to a place called Yetter's that is a combination gift and florist shop. inside it has a slight small of incense and lots of pretty jewelry, bookends, mugs, plaques, bowls, and novelties, and in one part of the store, which is a large greenhouse, there are hundreds of plants and flowers. I almost bought a small cactus for fifty cents. there I saw a neat gadget that was a combination measuring tape, circle measure, level, and stud finder. it was twelve dollars.
now I am back home and I am going to crochet some more.

well, as it turned out my crocheting was interupted. nana had to go to the bank to have her will revised. I was amazed at the power doors in the building. we also went to pick up my new prescription at sullivan's drugstore. we parked in back of the store because it was cheaper. we parked right next to the new greenfield police station, which used to be a mess but now has a gaudy fountain in front. I am feeling much better, stomachwise, the effects of my medicine are wearing off. I got six new pills at the drugstore. we dropped nana off at a tea for old people, we are now home and are going to leave to pick pussywillows at highland park and get some more yarn for me because I don't have enough to make a set of placemats for my mom. we are leaving now.

this afternoon my dad and jenny and I went in search of pussywillows at highland pond. we came back with some pussywillows, muddy shoes and a few briar cuts.
I got some more yarn and I finished my placemat. while my family, without nana, was getting yarn, or rather as we were leaving my dad and sister started yelling at each other because jenny was being a brat about some game.
I was pretty scared, especially when my dad started going at a teriffic speed on a narrow road.
we had a good supper a little earlier of fish sticks, mashed potatoes, salad with Italian or russian dressing, milk, and jenny's cheesecake for dessert.