March 22, 2007

Saturday, March 22, 1975

today I got up at about 7:00 and got dressed.
I am wearing my jeans and my sweater, but I will have to change when I get there because we will be going right to a concert. right now we are not very far on our trip, only half an hour. the weather isn’t the best for traveling, an overcast sky and damp surroundings. not much interesting is going on. my dad is drinking a coke, I am writing, and my sister is in back, laying down. I don't have much to do because my dad knows the roads here.
we have just stopped at the maryland house. we have been making very good time this trip. me and jenny and my dad have been playing twenty questions. navigating for my dad isn't very hard. he's made this trip hundreds of times and could probably get us there without a map if he had to. we are coming close to new jersey and the long haul of the trip. we are coming into the country and some pretty scenery. the rolling hills we are in now will dissapear as we get to new jersey, new jersey is a very flat state.
we have just passed a farmhouse, the typical old, weatherbeaten kind. it seems very homey to me. it has a few ramshakle shed scattered on the brown grass around it. I bet the people who live there are very isolated, or at best it looks that way.
right now I am in a resteraunt on the new jersey turnpike. we stopped here to eat our lunch. it is a nice place, but it isn't approved by the american automobile association.
we have been served our milk and I took my pill with no trouble. I am glad we have a chance to stretch our legs. I ordered a BLT on white toast, the same as my dad. my sister is trying to buy something at the gift shop, but my dad won't let her.

when I got to nana's house mitsy was very glad to see us. nana was very excited too. when we were about twenty minutes from nana's house I started trying to finish crocheting my whole ball of yarn before we arrived, I made my goal with just a few minutes to spare. I will have to get a new ball of yarn while I'm here. tonight we are going to see a concert. it is mostly mozart or whatever he's called.
nana liked my easter egg very much and also liked jenny's easter basket, she put my egg in her basket.
jenny looks hideous in her dress and new shoes
I will report about the concert later
right now I am at the concert. they haven't started playing yet and people are still coming in. I have just realized what a great chance this is to stare at people. one problem, most people are still reading their programs.
I think towns grow older, the same as people.
my town has lots of kids, where this town once had many young people, it now is mostly inhabited by older people.
I have been drawing on my program and have drawn a couple of good pictures.
I am getting bored.
After the concert was over, which was very glad for, me and my dad and jenny and nana went and got a dozen doughnuts. I am about to go to bed. we have a big day planned tomorrow.