March 24, 2007

Monday, March 24, 1975
this morning I got up very late because I really thought my bed felt so very comfortable.
every now and then I would wake up and drop back off to sleep.
when I finally got up I was dressed when I came downstairs. I had breakfast and we waited for 12:00 when jeb would come home for lunch. we are going to eat our delicious supper of pot roast in about forty five minutes.

after Jeb left all of us went to kings department store and I got two books and two very nice skeins of yarn, we then went a little down the road to the craft shop where jenny got her yarn and I got two cute pieces of furry cloth. when I got home I rolled up my yarn into balls and started making a crocheted thing out of one of them.
I am doing very well on it and I only had trouble once or twice. on those occasions nana was a big help.
one of the books I got at kings was entitled arigo: surgeon of the rusty knife, which I got because I read a summary of it in reader's digest that was very good.

this evening we went to jimmy polo's house, where he keeps his small shop, selling rocks and minerals also equipment. mr. polo was one of my dad's classmates when he was young. most of the time we were there my dad talked to him while I looked for some good rocks. I found three things I wanted a piece of calcite and pyrite, two twin garnets, and a lapidary magnifying glass. I got the magnifying glass. I am very pleased with my purchase because it is 2x and my microscope is only 7x.
this evening me and jenny have decided to make my mother a set of place mats and pot holders knitting and crocheting I am crocheting my two pair and jenny is knitting hers. I have already finished a pot holder and I have started my place mat. I am getting pretty good at crocheting things.
this evening jenny showed us her monkey she bought on the way up. he puffs on a small cigarette, at first we thought it was the way the cigarette was made that made him puff. the cigarette kept puffing even after you took it out of his mouth.
the reason I am writing in such big blocks is because I have so much to do in one day and don't have time to write every couple hours or so.