March 23, 2007

Sunday, March 23, 1975
this morning I got up at 8:30 and had a good breakfast. we went to church for the palm sunday service. my dad said the sermon was atheistic, but I just thought it was long-winded. after the service we picked up some palm fronds on the way out.
the church is an old, stone building, and inside it's pews are covered with green velvet. it has a high roof with a chandelier and pipe organ. it is a pretty simple.
today I found out that nana is one of the three people on the flower comittee and spends close to $500 on flowers a year.

this afternoon me and my sister went for a walk.

this afternoon me and my sister were waiting for nana to have a rest so we could go to gould's sugar house and see some of the flood and we decided to go for a walk. we went around the block and to go for a walk. we went around the block and down the gulley past a burr bush and both of us got burrs all over us. we went home and started off for gould's. it is a very scenic route and when we got there we found it jam packed,. with cars parked on the shoulder of the highway.
we decided to come another day and we drove up to a place in colrain mass. just about ten minutes away called truesdell's and had some second-rate sugar on snow. In case you don't know what sugar on snow is, it's a taffylike thing of maple syrup, which is made by pouring hot maple syrup, which has been boiled until it begins to form maple sugar, onto snow or crushed ice.
we finished and drove for half an hour looking at rivers and streams to see how much that had flooded. I took a few pictures of the something river, I don't know what the name is.
when we got home I didn't have anything to do until 7:30 when I went over to the Bitzer's house to watch "the six million dollar man".
I have noticed that the bitzer's dog has gotten a lot more friendly since I saw her when she was a puppy at christmas, she also seems to remember me from then.