March 27, 2007

Thursday, March 27, 1975

11:15 p.m.
this morning I slept very late. about 12:00. I had a pretty good breakfast, about three hours later, me and my sister went to gould's sugar house:

gould's sugar house was pretty fun. my sister talked my dad into getting some sugar on snow. I bought some maple sugar blocks and we left. we have stopped at pat and skinny barnard's farm. their biggest product is milk, they have a whole barnful of cows. me and
saw a calf and took some pictures.

11:15 p.m. (again)
at pat and skinny's we also saw a baby calf that had been born at 6:00 this morning.
at gould's I made a big fuss about price, of the maple sugar. on the way home we stopped at king's dept. store where jenny and my dad bought her some pajamas. meanwhile, I was at the nearby grocery store getting some ice cream for dessert for dinner.
when we got home I found jeb waiting for me.
he showed me a rock and asked me what it was. we played a few games of poker until dinner when he had to leave. I ate dinner and me and dad decided to go to a movie. we left but didn't go and instead had a frappe at the hospital snack bar. we came home after driving around town, and found jeb there again. jenny was playing restauraunt and we had a good time until jeb left.
this evening we saw a show called the legendary curse of the hope diamond and I am going to bed.