March 29, 2007

Saturday, March 29, 1975

this morning I got up at fifteen minutes of eight. my dad is really stupid because he wanted to get going by eight o'clock. that leaves me fifteen minutes to get dressed, eat breakfast, and get the car loaded. I am now on the road to waterbury and I wish I could go in the back of the car and get a little sleep.
Last night I was scared and couldn't get to sleep. I am worried about the weather on this trip because the forecast predicted showers and thundershowers, and the clouds above us look ominous. we are about to stop for gas and to go to the bathroom. I can't wait to get home.
1:30 a.m.
really this is technically tomorrow, but I consider a day from until I wake up in the morning to when I go to bed at night.
this afternoon it was a routine trip. we stopped and had lunch at a hot shoppe resteraunt.
a little after that my dad had a mild anxiety attack and me and jenny helped him get over it by playing games with him.
I don't write much on trips anymore because it is now fairly routine.
this evening when we got home I showed my mom all my souvenirs and we colored easter eggs for tomorrow. I have started a beautiful one.
jenny is often a brat. she was particularly bad this evening. she caused a lot of trouble. this evening our family watched the first half of the movie "the ten commandments" it is very good.