March 30, 2007

Sunday, March 30, 1975

right now I am in robert's new car. it is a Continental mark IV, gold painted. it has a whole bunch of gadgets, cruise control, vanity mirror, auto-matic ashtrays, power seats, windows, antenna, a stereo tape deck, armrests, and many others. you should see some of the envious looks we get.
this morning I woke up at about 10:30. I waited awhile and when my family got up we went to see our easter baskets. besides the usual candy, I got a sheaf of quadrille ruled paper. we hid a whole bunch of jellybeans and my mom and dad looked for them. I was beginning to get bored when robert called. in a few minutes he was over here and we went for a ride (above) when we got back we shot a spiders a while until we got tired of it and went in. we were walking past the woods and decided to start a terrarium in my old ten-gallon fish tank. we immediately went to my house and got it. we brought it outside and were washing it when robert's mother called and said he had to come home. I was going to abandon doing the terrarium until timmy wallace (March 3) came over. then I finished washing the terrarium and all of us went to the woods for dirt. I got some very good dirt and now have a wild violet planted in my terrarium.

sorry, while I was writing I got sidetracked. my mom called me to dinner. we had a good dinner and I decided to take a bath. I used the fish pond siphon for a breathing tube and played scuba diver. I think this is pretty silly, but fun. this evening my parents have been trying to plan a trip for this summer. they are very disoraganized.
I am looking forward to tomorrow when me and robert will spend the whole day together. I am going to get up early so we can go catch frogs and salamanders in the creek. robert says there is a whole bunch of them now. I may put a few in my new terrarium.
this evening we have been watching "the ten commandments" part 2.
I would like to be able to have a camera I could take everywhere. I would have a lot of spectacular pictures if I did it. unfortunately, I don't have the money to buy or develop the film.
I am going to hint[?] some when I finish writing
I have noticed that I am not drawing very much over the holiday.
I am worried about how much detail I write in this journal. I usually write two pages, and sometimes one. If I tried I could write five pages a day. I wonder if I should increase my writing on normal days to three pages. well?