March 31, 2007

Monday, March 31, 1975

10:30 p.m.
this morning I got up early. at about 9:00. robert is an early riser, so he was already up and had had his breakfast.
at about 9:30 robert came over and we started hunting plants for my terrarium. I already had a wild violet, and we went out in the woods to find more. we almost picked up a baby raspberry vine but we decided it would choke everything else in the terrarium out. we couldn't find anything good in that section in the way of plants, so we went over by Robert's house in the woods and found a square of moss, and a small wildflower plant that hadn't bloomed yet. at roberts house we got a small praying mantis egg case. we put all these treasures in my bucket and started back to my house. when we got there we transplanted our plants, and also placed a piece of rotten wood we found in the terrarium. now out terrarium looked pretty good, especially after we had transplanted a the holly bush we found growing in our side garden that was only a few inches tall, but It didn't have any action, so we dug all around in the wet, steaming leaves of our never raked corner of our backyard. we found quite a few and dumped them in the terrarium. we watered it and put it on our patio roof via my window. earlier in the morning my mom had told me to sometime that day clean the patio, so robert and I moved all the junk onto the lawn, hosed down the patio, and we were delayed finishing because we got curious about the source of our little mud hole in our backyard.
we took a metal rod and pounded it in with a hammer. we got it to go pretty far down and then took it out of the hole. we rested a minute and then when we were starting to pound again, found our hole blocked with rocks. we reached our hands in and dug out a pile of rocks and mud that was very big. we kept digging and robert hit on a theory about what it was. he thought it might have been a torch stand for the people who lived here before us. this turned out to be wrong when we found a pipe underground that led off to somewhere. we concluded that it was a drain for something.
after that we replaced the patio stuff and went to check on our terrarium. the soil was a little dry and I thought it was because there was no shade. we got some mulchy leaves and carefully placed them around the plants. we went back to the woods and got a whole bunch of insects the a bucketful of dirt and carefully sorted out insects for half an hour.
I think this has been one of the most active days I have had in a long time.
this evening I had a delicious dinner. my mom cooked spaghetti. I have been trying to get ziploc bags.
I would like to always be active. It would take off my fat and it is very fun.