April 04, 2007

Friday, April 4, 1975

today in geo. not much happened. I am mad because we have to outline all the little states in the unit we did or the unit I am working on. on the practice sheet you have to do it but on the test you just put in numbers.
that makes me mad because it takes the longest part of your time for no reason. I have got my present for Bavin in my locker.

today when I got back from recess I found Brian Freedman looking in this journal. I gave him a punch in the face and that made him mad. I don't really care because I can beat him up easy.
at athletics we went outside into the howling winds, and cold. most of the baseball people went, but lots stayed behind in the gym. I would have stayed out all athletic period, except mr. Bedell got too cold and took us all inside.
For math our homework was to make a bar graph of something. I am going to make a chart showing how many insects of each kind there are in one cubic foot of earth. now that's original.

Study hall
today when study hall is over I am going to go to billy Bavin's house to his party. I am very excited about it. billy still doesn't beleive I am giving him a box of plastic bags (heh, heh,) I think he will like what I got him.