April 02, 2007

Wednesday, April 2, 1975

today in geo. we are starting our new system of learning. I am on unit one. I will finish it in a second because it is easy. unit two will be even easier, even though it has more to learn, because all you have to do is name and color the continents, which I already know by heart.

today in math(?) we aren't doing math because our teacher appears to be gone, or very late. nobody knows what is going on. we must have been sitting here in math class at least ten minutes with no teacher. mr. bedell just looked in the window, and then he left. he may be going to get another teacher.

I found out mrs price was supposed to be with us during our math class and was supposed to give us an assignment, which we would have had all math class to do. she apologized.
at lunch I traded away my sandwich for white milk and a cup of soup.

today when I got home from school my dad took me to the mall after I had had a little rest because I was dead tired after I got home.
I sat and read for awhile until we left, when I got my jeans on we went to the bank, for my dad because he wanted to deposit some money. the bank had an interesting double fountain out front that I was fascinated with. next to it they had a small rock garden with some cactus in it. they also have some modern style chairs which are one piece of stiff foam rubber covered with cloth.
In the middle of the mall there was a display of swimming pools, one with a sauna that made a whirlpool with a blow-up dolphin bobbing around in it.

when we got back from the mall, where we got a no-nonsense pen for Billy Bavin. I thought and thought and thought about what to get him and finally came up with a brilliant idea, we went to farrell's and got him a gift certificate for ice cream there.
I got home and decided to go into the woods and find myself a walking stick. I wandered over to robert's and he told me about a big fire that had been at the creek. I decided I wanted to see it for myself, so robert and I rode our bikes down there and surveyed the area. me and robert are going to catch salamanders some time because they are out in the abundance crayfish were last year.
this evening I was mad at my dad because he had punished me before I could get to say a word in my defense. I think he was very unfair. I moped around a while until he told me to come with him. he was going to take me to see the prison, "where I was going to go if I kept beating up my sister", I wish my dad wasn't a lawyer. lecture, lecture, lecture all the time. I am about to go to bed. I just finished watching baretta on tv.