April 01, 2007

Tuesday, April 1, 1975

today, as I just noticed is April fool's day. Had better watch out. I have to get mr. Bedell's whistle today.

at the end of geo., after several unsuccessful tries, I found out mr. Bedell wasn't carrying his whistle, I got his comb.
in math we are doing graphs. we were doing tables before vacation.

today at athletics we were told to go down to the front locker room and find yourself a locker, one that has tape on it. we had to double up, two in a locker. Jon Horton was my partner. we claimed it and went out onto the field for a free period. I had a good lunch of rice. I am really getting to like rice a lot.

today in english we talked about verbs and all their tenses. It was pretty confusing until I got the hang of it. today in reading we are talking about book reports.

this afternoon when I got home I called steven tyler because he had called me earlier. he could come over so I got some not so good clothes on and he came over and we played. I showed him my terrarium and we didn't do much until he left. before he left he asked me to autograph his jeans. I took a purple marker and put my name and drew woody on them. while steven was here Billy Bavin called and invited me to his birthday party on friday.
today my mom had a bridge party and invited most of the teachers,. I didn't see much of it but I found out from my mom that one of the ladies hadn't seen our wall before but had heard about it and was astounded when she saw it. I am glad my mother brags for me.
later, I went out in the woods just before supper and found my mom an interesting piece of dead wood. I also found a trash drum and almost brought it home.
I had a good supper and debby came over a little later. jenny and debbie played and I showed our well me and robert dug. this evening I got a call from jon horton saying that he was planning to take mr. bedell out to lunch at a roy rogers resteraunt near his house. me and Billy Bavin are going to go too and surprise him. that is on saturday.
not much has happened since then.
when I am carrying around my stuff in my pockets I feel prepared for anything. I like walking in the woods and me and robert know them better than anybody else. when I stand in the woods I feel free. I feel like master of all I survey, like I belong in the woods. I feel like I have known every plant and bug personally. I know more about the woods than anybody.