April 03, 2007

Thursday, April 3, 1975

today I did one of my quizzes in geography. I now have to do a test on unit 2.

today at athletics I played a little baseball.
after lunch at recess some people were calling me names, I ignored them. today in science we finished our essay on the heart. today in english we are having a test.

today near the end of english bobby cutis was throwing a comb at me. once it hit me in the ear and I just couldn't let that go so I went over to his desk and threatened him. he started crying, like he was real scared please don't hit me please don't", trying to make fun of me. I quickly said, look at this queer" that really got him.

this evening I got a cover for my terrarium and brought it inside. I have been writing the booklet, woodys of the world to give to mr. bedell. I cut a plastic report cover in half and used it for our small booklet.
It has been very windy today and a few things have been blown around. my dad and jenny were late picking me up from school because of a tree in the road.
tomorrow I go to billy bavin's party. I can't wait.