April 05, 2007

Saturday, April 5, 1975

I am sorry, but I didn't have any time to finish wrighting because I was too tired.

after school yesterday I went to Billy Bavin's party. It was one of the most awful ones I've ever been to. I got home and I went to bed before I finished writing.
Today I got up very late, about 11:30. It started out as a boring day then robert called and I got dressed and we played.

me and robert were going to go do my math homework, but we decided not to.
I haven’t done much all day.
this evening debbie came over and is going to spend the night. we were playing resteraunt, I was the chef. It wasn't much fun and I quit.
yesterday, at Billy Bavin's party we had a scavenger hunt and when we got back we had almost an hour before supper, which we could have played a game in but it was just dead time. mrs. Bavin seemed to be a very nervous person. the Bavin house seems practically new because it smalls like a new house, the smell of wood, freshly cut.
when I got home, just in time for the night stalker, I was very tired. It is amazing I didn't go to bed earlier than I did