April 11, 2007

Friday, April 11, 1975

today in geo we are laying aside the maps and quizzes and we are playing some games. first we have been playing some hangman. now we are playing a game called fast talk.
Jon horton and billy bavin gave me a thing for johnny Horizon '76 which is our bicentennial. I am supposed to be in their club and also george Hesse's. I am in a tight spot because I have to be in one or the other, no in between, and if I pull out of one club I will hurt their feelings.

I finally quit george's club as school ended.
today in geo jon also gave me a folder containing brochures, stickers, and information about the Johnny Horizon program.
today I was glad to be going home. my dad, as it turned out had two surprises for me, one was davey's zip code, which I badly needed, and the other was a big bag, and my dad told me that once every two weeks the aluminum truck comes around, and pays 50 cents for a pound of aluminum. I have been collecting beer cans out in the woods and also got a few pieces of a lawn chair. so far I must have three or four pounds of it.
this evening debbie is spending the night
today we decided to have a cook out. we got a steak and broiled it on our grill.
I invited robert over but he had already had supper so when he got here we played golf and played in the fishpond.
tomorrow I plan to go somewhere where they throw away lots of beer cans and pick up as many as I can. I will use trash bags if I manage to fill the gigantic bag my dad gave me. I think its funny hoe the johnny Horizon thing and the aluminum go together
I was going to tell jon horton and Bavin about it so we could do it together, but I decided I could do it myself.
I think the way to get our club in action is to get some grownups who will listen to us like our parents to organize it because nobody listens to kids and we couldn't get anything done. I'll talk it over with jon on monday.
I am about to go to bed. my mom is making me even though I am pretty tired (Yawn!)