April 08, 2007

Tuesday, April 8, 1975

today in geo. I made another noose and woody and hung it. maybe finally he will get his jacket string back. I am getting to actually like athletics pretty well. we are going into athletics. I guess the reason I am getting to like it is because it gives me some relaxation from my schoolwork and classrooms for a while.
we are talking about averages and things. mr. Lichfuss has just explained to us how a bell curve grading system works. I hope I never get any teacher who grades on a bell curve.

today at recess one of the many bullies was in a fight and was being smashed to pieces by someone. I think the bully really needed it. he had two black eyes and was on the verge of tears.
today in science we have been drawing a picture of how the heart works:

[elaborate drawing of heart]

today in english we are supposed to write about school. today we got our scope magazines.
today almost immediately after I got home from school robert called and said he had three small terrariums from a cereal box. we gave one to jenny, set one aside, and transplanted the third into our terrarium.
robert came over and we played a few games of croquet on our lawn and then played some golf, using our mallets and balls and the hole we dug on Mar. 31 (see march 31) we hit the balls into the hole and we found out we could fit every single ball that comes with the set into it. they are still in it now.
robert had to leave because he had to eat dinner and we made an agreement that he would come back after he had finished. when he came back we went to a rotten movie.
we have been having a lot of trouble in our house tonight. my dad is as usual trying to blame everything on my mom, all started by me, all I have to do is express just one little fact or opinion and almost instantly one will be trying to use it against the other. as usual I sit on the couch and read, trying to hide in a book from all the yelling and screaming.
It finally subsided, and I talked with my mom awhile about some writing and how it was shown in a handwriting analysis book I have.