April 06, 2007

Sunday, April 6, 1975

12:30 am.
I am sorry I haven't written all day, but I haven't been too busy. this morning I got up much earlier than I did yesterday, but I might as well have stayed in bed because al dad I did almost nothing.
at about five o'clock my dad and I went to play golf. It was very cold and windy at the course. we played nine holes and I got a score of 70, which is pretty good considering it was the first game of golf I have ever played. my dad got a 48, and neither of us got par on any hole. I think I may get to like golf a lot. It is one of the first sports I have played and enjoyed, beside ping-pong, which doesn't give you any exercise.
this evening my mom, jenny and I had an in-depth discussion about our schools. I have always done well in school. I am trying to worm my scores from my three I.Q. tests I have taken. she keeps stubbornly giving excuses why I shouldn't know and I think the main reason she thinks I will brag about it. if I ever get it, I will tell you. I am dying to know.
this evening we watched a special about sharks, which pre-empted "the six-million dollar man", yesterday a hockey game pre-empted mary tyler moore, bob newhart, and carol burnett. this is the weekend for pre-emptions.