April 07, 2007

Monday, April 7, 1975

today I got up pretty late, and I was late, but I had a good excuse. today in geo. I took my quiz and now I am on a new unit.

I was mad but it is wearing off. I am mad because in baseball I never played a bit. I sat on the bench all the time except when I went to help one of the janitors that takes care of the fields. we helped him unload some boards off his tractor. at lunch I had two bowls of my favorite soup, chicken vegetable.
me and jon horton have been cooking up a scheme against mr. Bedell. we are going to hang up a paper woody on a little noose we made out of string.

11:00 p.m.
when I got home from school I was reading until robert came over. he had a small salamanderlike thing he had found in the woods. we looked it up and in two encyclopedias we found a disgraceful lack of information on newts, salamanders and amphibians in general. anyway, we put it in our terrarium.
when laura came over this evening I spent most of my time making some new pages for our woodys of the world book at school. Laura spent some time trying to learn a new game of solitaire.
I am glad I didn't have any homework tonight, because there was so much to do.
I feel very creative tonight and I am going to have to go to bed pretty soon, and I shouldn't have started this second page.
I feel like writing right now because maybe I am calm and ready to wright, and maybe because I find that writing takes the anxiety of my thoughts.
lately I have been thinking about dying a lot and I think that people getting killed on tv. are getting to me. what really bothers me is that I can't accept the fact that someday I am ultimately going to die. It really scares me.
this evening I have almost gotten my mother to tell me what my I.Q. is. she has gotten to the point on which she just needs a little push to tell me.
just for practice, here is a description of a coin:
this coin is about half an inch in diameter, on the front, boldly emblazoned in copper is the mark, one centavo with strong, but delicate branching leaves, with a beveled, sparkling, rim to encircle it's glory. on the back there is a coat of arms, an eagle perched proudly on top of a shield with four spears each with shining banners in shimmering copper for all time. have you pictured it? it is a one centavo piece from ecuador, from 1928
I got it from jon horton in fifth grade, he passed them out to everybody in the class. in the same way I also got a buffalo nickel and a mercury dime, both of which are not in use today. they aren't worth too much but it was still nice of jon horton.