April 09, 2007

Wednesday, April 9, 1975

today in geo I worked on my quiz all period and when I came up to have it graded the bell rang and mr. bedell spent ten minutes explaining why he couldn't grade the ones left, while he could have done most of them before we had to leave. I am pretty mad at him.
today not much happened after what I had said during math. today at athletics we switched from baseball to soccer. soccer is pretty good, at least the practicing part is, the preliminary exercises aren't much fun. One thing that really chewed me up was when I got a compliment on my soccer dribbling from mr. murphy, our soccer coach.
today jenny went to her first private art lesson at her school, and my dad and I went out to peoples drug store and had a chocolat milkshake and went and picked up jenny.
when I got home from school robert was waiting for me here and we played a game of golf with our croquet set. By the way, if you notice how I am writing with a new color of ink, well, I am wrighting with a whole new pen. my dad gave me one of his old fashioned pens and I got a bottle of deluxe black ink, robert finally had to leave for dinner and I put away the croquet set.
I have just finished eating dinner. I am mostly waiting for Baretta to come on tv at ten o'clock. As you may notice sometimes this pen fades out sometimes its because it still has to adjust to use after years of inuse, in a sense it has to be broken in to use. I am now going to watch some tv.
this evening I have been watching tv. most of the time.
first I watched some of "Cannon" with my mom! I have just finished watching "Baretta."
Lately I have been watching how fast the violet in my terrarium has been growing. when we put it in I thought it might die of shock from being transplanted, but it seems to be the most flourishing plant there.
this evening I have been experimenting with my speedball set now that I have a bottle of ink.
I really like my nice clean room after fanny comes. unfortunately It won't stay this way very long, the way I throw things around carelessly. I just can't help it.
I have decided that this journal could be considered my hobby. I don't have any hobbies, so I figure this is it, as my rock collection started falling off at about the time I started writing. Oh well, this is a lot more fun and it leaves me a lot of freedom and leisure time in which to take up something else. My hobby doesn't dominate my time and I can do it anywhere, anytime.